Tethered Drones

Smart tethered drones for persistent intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities as well as high-bandwidth communications.

Safe-T 2

Safe-T 2 has been designed for seamless integration into vehicles and fixed structures, whilst also being agile enough for a single operator to deploy.

Safe-T 2 allows you to reach the best performances to date through the Dual-Comms option. With the integration of Fiber Optic and BPL data links in parallel, the micro tether ensures a data link redundancy for unmatched speed and security in data transfer.

The modular design of the Safe-T 2 tether drone station allows an easy, fast and clean swap of the micro-tether spool.

Engineered to meet the most demanding missions with its rugged weather-resistant design, and compact modular metallic structure, the Safe-T 2 has been designed to be mission-critical.

Light-T 4

Elistair Ligh-T 4 Drone tether front

Ligh-T V.is a ruggedized tethered drone station, offering extended possibilities for police forces, first responders and drone operators requiring a permanent aerial position.Designed to withstand harsh transport conditions and deployable on any type of terrain, Ligh-T V.can be operational in seconds through its Dual Mode Tether Management. It also  has a wide variety of compatible drones thanks to specific air modules.

Ligh-T v.4 has:

  • Automated Motorization.Ligh-T v.4 winch is now powered with a compact engine for secured  tether unwinding.
  • Mechanical Handle. For enhanced availability, your tethered system can be wound or unwound manually