Tethered drone training

Get the best out of your tethered drone

Become an expert in tethered drone solutions

we do not only offer a product, we deliver a capability. These application-driven training methods will give your operators a comprehensive understanding of our tethered UAS solutions : safety, operational efficiency, and maintenance knowledge. 

Our training is based on the following core principles: 


    Even though the potential hazards are reduced compared to free flying drones, learn how to prevent and identify danger and possible risks.


    Learn how to use your tethered system to the best of its ability. Our instructors will pass on years of experience so you can operate at the highest level.


    Gain confidence with the automated flight mode. Exercise with challenging drills specific to tethered flight in a controlled environment.


    Learn to take care of your tethered drone equipment, perform routine maintenance and pre and post flights checklists, stay operational in the field.

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UAS engineering tethered drone self train

Available for tethering stations

Application driven training combining theory and practice

Adaptive and responsive training especially adapted to your needs.