UAS Engineering tethered products

UAS Engineering operates as the largest service provider, accredited training center and authorized dealer of unmanned aerial vehicle products and systems such as Elios 2, Safe-T 2 and DJI series in Turkey. UAS’s activities include security monitoring, inspection of industrial facilities, spraying of agricultural areas, monitoring of construction projects, detection of solar panel conditions, mapping of agricultural areas and delivery of goods using drones. Baran Büyükada, Sales and Business Development Manager at UAS Engineering, told Defensehere about the activities of the company, which also supports its research and development with entrepreneurship in cooperation with international universities, research centers and private companies:

“We were established as UAS Engineering in August 2021. Our main operations are in Greece and the UK. Our main center is located in the UK. We also have offices in Greece and Bulgaria. At the same time in Turkey, we started with the Fly Ability product since August 2021 with the Elios 2 product. Elios 2 is an indoor dorun. We started our operations here with it. At the same time, we are about to provide drone pilot training and we are dealing with its certification procedures. Our company currently offers operation services with the pilots within its structure. At the same time, we are the authorized dealer of DJI in Turkey. We are also the distributor of Elistair and Fly Ability in Turkey. We are the distributor of Elistair’s drone stations in Turkey. Elistair has two products, Light-T4 and Safe-T2. These products allow drones to stay in the air for 8 to 10 hours depending on the power of the drone. It is a product that is mostly used for live broadcast transmissions, live broadcast shows, border security, public security, mass area monitoring, police and soldiers in actions. This is a product that is sold in excess abroad, especially to soldiers in border security. The Light-T4 product allows drones to go up 70 meters, while the Safe-T2 product allows drones to go up 100 meters. Light-T4 is semi-manual, semi-automatic, Safe-T2 is fully automatic and both products have IP 55 certification. It is also compatible with DJI products. Apart from that, they are also compatible with all products that contain 6S, 12S Lipo batteries and are not too heavy. Elistair’s wired drones offer the opportunity to stay in the air for 8-10 hours. Apart from that, this time may decrease or increase depending on the power, weight, heating and battery condition of the drone. But on average, wired drones provide 8 to 10 hours of flight. As UAS Engineering, as a company competent in both DJI drones and Elistair, we are trying to sell both as a package by establishing very close relations with both companies. We are trying to provide technical support for both products separately, and we are trying to show the full capabilities of the products by going to operations with our own pilots.” 

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